The site

The site is in a state of flux and under development. In time I hope to have photos of males and females (where different) and adolescent or juvenile offspring who look different for many species of Australian Birds. Initially this site has to be populated with the species I have already photographed.

This site is divided into three main categories:

  • Non Passerine Birds – All the birds that don’t have three toes in front and one behind.
  • Passerine Birds – The songbirds with perching feet (three toes in front and one behind).
  • Introduced birds – The birds that were introduced by man whether deliberately or not.

Following these initial links Passerine and Non-passerine birds have up to three levels of further links.

The Owner

My name is Steve and I obtained the trading name Stevografix with the then Department of Fair Trading in 1998 which is now maintained by ASIC. I also obtained my A.B.N. with the Taxation Department at that time. My interests are photography and I dabble in computer graphics so I melded my name and the two into my business name. I decided to re-code Stevografix from the ground up many  years ago but then developed such an interest in bird photography that many of the other linked categories are still “coming soon”.

I have always had an interest in nature and birds in particular and bought my first 35mm camera and lenses in 1983 which expanded over the years. It was only when I bought my first real DSLR, a Nikon D7000 and 80-300mm lens that I started to get good bird images. I upgraded to a Nikon 100-400mm lens and a Nikon D7100. My latest updates are a Nikon D500 and a Sigma 150-600mm lens.

I am a member and photographic contributor to:

Please come back when the site has more content.

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